Framed butterflies, beetles and other insect displays.
Specimens collected from self-sustaining
insect farms around the world.

"We received our order late last week, and I wanted to drop you a line and let you know we are absolutely thrilled. I have a small collection of framed insects, but the quality of yours far surpasses the others. They look great on our walls, and I can't wait until we can order some more. Thank you so much. "

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As an avid collector of butterflies, and an overall insect enthusiast, I often found myself frustrated with the inferior quality of retail-purchased framed insects, finding myself receiving hastily assembled framed butterflies with missing antennae or simply poor mounting in general . This dissatisfaction had induced me to begin educating myself on creating my own insect frames. After a few years of research and study, I had eventually perfected the intricate techniques involved in setting and mounting delicate butterflies and other insect specimens. With greater confidence, I began to replace previously purchased insect displays with my own.

Simple, streamlined and classic, we have taken a modernist approach to framing our insect subjects. With high quality white matting and backing, admirers are able to truly enjoy the framed butterflies, moths or beetles without any distractions.

So whether you are looking for a framed butterfly as a gift, or a grouping of multiple butterflies or beetles, we are confident that you will find your perfect insect art here on our website.

Environmental concern:

Most of our framed butterflies were raised on butterfly farms or aviaries around the world. Many governments in developing countries are encouraging their people to raise insects for economic advancement rather than other industries that deplete the rain forests, which are essential to most butterfly species. Butterfly farming is self-sustainable and most butterflies and other insects live on an average of only 20 - 60 days. When the farm raised butterflies have died naturally, they are carefully gathered and exported around the world. This method only uses insects that are legally imported into the country as regulated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department.

Regarding our products:

+ We offer displays featuring real butterflies, beetles and other insects.

+ You will be purchasing a high-end product without paying high-end prices.

+ You will not receive framed butterflies with missing antennae from us, or worst, antennae that have been replaced with black colored threads, which is a common occurance with inferior framed butterfly art.

+ Our frames are constructed with pine wood and glass.

+ Some insect species may not be available for framing when your order is placed. Please be patient with us and be assured that we are trying our absolute best to ensure a timely delivery.

+ All of our butterflies, beetles and other insects have been professionally prepared and mounted in streamlined and modern glass-front shadowbox frames. Sorry, we cannot ship our specimens in riker mounts.

+ A care instruction label with the scientific name along with place of origin is adhered to the back of all our framed butterfly and insect displays. Please click here to see an example.

+ We use only high quality acid-free mat borders and backings.

+ While we try our best to depict the actual colors of our butterflies and other insects on our website, please note that colors appear differently from one computer to another. We cannot guarantee that the butterfly, moth or beetle you receive will be identical in color, shade or size as the one you see on our website.

+ All our butterflies, beetles and other insects are permanently attached to a backboard. Please do not attempt to remove specimens from the frame. If it is absolutely necessary to do so, please allow us to assist you or ask for help from a professional in you area.

+ Our frames are not air-sealed. This will allow you to repair your butterfly, beetle or other insect should it become necessary. Since our insects specimens have been professionally preserved and dried, we guarantee that your display will last and look wonderful for a very long time. Therefore, air sealing is merely a personal choice and not a necessity.

+ If you have any questions or concerns in regards to our butterflies, beetles and other insect displays, please do not hesitate to send us an email:

So whether it is a single butterfly art you are searching for, or a grouping of butterfly or beetle frames to spice-up that bare wall you have, we are confident that you'll find what you are looking for here at And if not, just send us an email and we'll certainly try or very best to accommodate you needs.

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All of our butterflies and other insect specimens are legally obtained in the United States through reputable resources. We possess all proper permits and licenses required by law and none of our offered species are considered endangered. Most of our specimens are collected from insect farms and aviaries throughout the world. We may be unaware of the laws in your state pertaining to purchases of our products. Please be advised that we are not responsible for any fees that may be incurred, should you order an item that you cannot legally possess in your state.

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